Safeword Podcast in WIRED

Safeword Podcast got a mention on WIRED in an incredible piece on how eroticism is shifting with Isolation in COVID-19.

On a recent episode of Safeword, a BDSM podcast hosted by Mistress Eva, she discussed, along with fetish photographer and writer Dirk Hooper, how their community is finding ways to embrace unforeseen limitations and “eroticize social distancing.” Added Hooper, “Now is the time to get creative, and try new stuff.” One example Eva shared was a virtual leather social, which is exactly what you think it is: a group video call that features bootblacking, self-flagellation, and leathercare, among other carnal releases.


Read ‘Muscle Giants, Zoom Orgies, and the New Erotics of Isolation’ on WIRED.

Launch: Why Did We Start the Safeword Podcast?

The release of the Safeword Podcast happens to come at pivotal time. Our world is experiencing a singular and common circumstance and it is unraveling our shared strengths and weaknesses. We are reminded that we are linked together in life, navigating a shared humanity.

I was inspired to start the Safeword Podcast because of just this realisation. Every Sunday I make a point to ask open questions on my Twitter account. These questions ask about motivations, desires and even simply tips on how we could navigate our kinky lives. Sometimes they are about what fetishes we like and other times it has been about why we think people may be submissive or Dominant.

I asked these questions because I simply wanted more from my social media experience, but the responses quickly revealed a greater depth. They revealed to me how deeply each individual wanted to share and how much that they wanted to be understood. That they want to be accepted, to contribute and often that they haven’t yet figured it all out.

Their responses were also beyond informative and truly inspirational, a pool of knowledge I couldn’t have expected. It revealed the power of the community and it inspired a drive in me – their words deserve to be heard; and the Safeword Podcast is my attempt at helping to make this happen. In each episode we read the responses of the kink community and Dirk and I discuss our own thoughts, stories and fantasies.

Many of you will be being told to practice social distancing and lay low. These times will be challenging, but we need to be aware that we are in this together. We may not be able to be share physical space, but we can use this time to remember how much we share otherwise – our vulnerabilities and hope; our desires and drivers; and our common humanity. As a community we will survive this – like all that we have already overcome.

Listen to the podcast that we did on Coronavirus and the BDSM Community

Welcome to the Safeword Podcast!

Mistress Eva and I have been working on this project for well over half a year and we’ve been talking about doing something together for much longer than that.

The idea behind this podcast is to have real, honest, practical, and hopefully, insightful discourse on the subjects of BDSM, kinky relationships, fetishes, and the worlds we live in which includes professional domination, fetish are and photography, and the people who inhabit these worlds with us.

Orgins of the Safeword Podcast

The seed of this idea is a series of questions that Mistress Eva posts on her Twitter account every Sunday.

Mistress Eva asks her followers and people who see her questions through shares about a kinky topic and has received some amazing responses.

We take on question and explore it fully in each episode, adding our own experiences to the mix.

So Much More Than Just a Podcast

As we get used to this new website and add episodes, we’ll also be adding features and goodies on this site.

We will be publishing news, and information here about the podcast, about Mistress Eva and Dirk Hooper, and other things that are happening in the community. Because we love this community and we want to use this as a platform for positive discourse and information.

Also, we’re going to be playing around a lot with this site, so please be patient with us over the next month.

How Often?

The first three episodes will come out over the next three weeks.

Afterward we have committed to doing one episode a month, maybe more often.

If you want to hear us more, please tell us!

You can contact us directly at

What’s Next?

We have talked about many plans, including taking on narrow subjects, hot topics, having guests, and other things.

What happens next depends a lot on YOU!

If you have ideas about what we should cover, how we’re doing, or what we should do next then again, please contact us here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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