SafeWord Podcast Episode 6: What are the Attributes of a Good Submissive?

Mistress Eva and Dirk Hooper explore their own opinions and the communities opinions on the attributes of a good submissive. Some topics include pointers for submissives to communicate better, men and sharing emotions, showing vulnerability, following orders, the connection between loyalty and security, and a challenge to submissives.

The book that Dirk wrote as Asher Lake that was mentioned: Dominatrix Boss

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Show Notes

  • :30 What Eva and Dirk have been up to
  • 3:20 Eva goes to Burning Man
  • 7:35 What Are the Attributes of a Good Submissive?
  • 15:55 Pointers for submissives to communicate better
  • 19:50 Men and sharing emotions
  • 21:00 Showing vulnerability and BDSM
  • 22:00 Being unshakable and open-minded
  • 25:00 Following Orders
  • 27:50 Establishing Priorities and Being Selfless
  • 38:00 Loyalty Gives You Security
  • 42:20 Realize that Dominants are also people
  • 53:10 A Challenge to submissives
  • 57:10 Willing to Follow But Still Willing to Protect
  • 1:00:00 Knowing the Difference Between Submitting to Take and Submitting to Give
  • 1:06:30 A Summary

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