Episode 2: Submissive Men and Society

Dirk Hooper and Eva Oh discuss how being a submissive man are perceived by society versus how it is in real life.

Some of the topics in this episode include how you have to be strong to kneel, how society tells men they shouldn’t be submissive, how all submissives are not into the same things, trust in a BDSM relationship, the media’s take on BDSM, and the idea that BDSM is a sexual orientation.

Much of this discussion comes from Mistress Eva’s question on Twitter below.

“Male submissives…
What do you wish the public knew about being a man and being a submissive? How are you misunderstood by society?
Respond below so we can all see your responses on this thread.
This is your chance to tell your side of things!”

Mentioned in this Episode

Dominatrix Boss: A Femdom Tale by Asher Lake

Dirk Hooper wrote this book under the pen name Asher Lake.

Mistress Eva cited it as an example of the books she reads to get a peek into the submissive mind.

Specific Tweets Discussed in this Episode

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Episode 2 Show Notes

  • 8:50 The question, and submissives don’t usually have a voice
  • 11:55 You have to be strong to kneel
  • 21:35 Submissives are not submissive to the world
  • 28:40 Society tells men that they shouldn’t be submissive
  • 33:05 Not all submissives are “into” the same laundry list of activities
  • 37:32 Trust in a BDSM relationship
  • 40:22 BDSM in media
  • 42:22 Love and care in BDSM
  • 44:20 BDSM is fun
  • 45:02 Submission is a sexual orientation
  • 49:20 What are you comfortable sharing outside of the BDSM community?
  • 56:20 Giving submissive men a voice
  • 57:30 Dirk on writing "Dominatrix Boss"

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